5 Benefits Of Joining A Welding Union

Whether you are an experienced welder or just starting your new career there are some important things you need to know about the benefits of joining a welding union. On this page we have collected the most important facts that will demonstrate the large return on investment you get from joining a union.

All the below data is backed up by research performed by the BLS, unions and Bankrate to which we have provided source links at the bottom of this page for your reference and verification. Over time we will keep this up to date with latest information made available from trusted resources.



The most outstanding benefits to us can be brought down to these 5, and we find that both apprentices and qualified welders deem these to be the most important benefits. Check out the links at the bottom if you are interested in more details.

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Much Higher Income

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) makes for very interesting reading.

2014 union worker median income per week: $970
2014 non-union worker median income per week: $763

This is 27% more income that unionized workers throughout the USA will achieve on average. That means that your monthly union subscription is more than paid for with the first month’s additional income.

But higher income is not the only reason you should take into account when you are deciding whether to join a welding union or union apprenticeship. Keep reading to see some of the other outstanding benefits.


Much Better Job Security

Job security in union jobs is far higher because there is strength in numbers and the union negotiates the legal aspects of the employment. What this means is that you cannot be fired from a job without a reason, also referred to as “just cause”. And even if there is a valid reason there has to be a grievance process followed in which both employer and employee get to make statements.

Knowing that you cannot be fired easily means that you can speak out about work place problems with a lot less fear of recrimination. This in turn means that work practices and premises become a lot safer for employee.


Much Better Benefits Packages

93% union workers entitled to medical benefits
69% non- union workers entitled to medical benefits

This is a huge difference and for many people, especially those with families, this can make a very big difference to the amount of health insurance coverage you will get. This data was collected by Bankrate, and they also identified that unionized workers had 89% of their single cover health premiums paid for by employers and 82% of family plan premiums. Considering that health premiums run into thousands of Dollars per year this is a huge financial as well as psychological benefit.

77% of union workers have defined benefit pension plans

This is of significant value no matter what age you are. The reason these are so valuable is that you do not need to worry about stock markets impacting how much income you will have when you retire. You can focus on your work and family knowing that you will have a certain defined amount of income when you retire. No choosing difficult to understand pension funds or worrying if stocks turn down.


Much Better Paid Leave

28% more paid leave

Having paid leave to recuperate from a busy and very physical job is hugely important and union workers enjoy the benefit of on average 28% more paid leave days. Extra vacation time will greatly improve your mental health and provides far greater flexibility for family life in general.

82% of union workers have paid sick leave
63% of non-union workers have paid sick leave

Knowing that even a short period of injury or illness will not cause financial ruin is very important for all workers and their families. It is not surprising that union and BLS research shows that 30% more union workers receive paid sick leave when compared to non-unioned workers.


Much Better Career Prospects

If you have several union jobs on your resume then you will immediately become more attractive to employers. The reason for this is that union employees and their work are held to a much higher standard than industry average. Being a member also certifies that your personal ability and quality of work carried out come with certain minimum expectations attached.



So, based on all the above information you should be able to understand how much benefit you will receive in return for an investment in union membership.